When it comes to writing, I’m a master of concise summarization and analysis with voice.

Energy News Weekly

I worked with a colleague to create this weekly distillation of clean energy news that has since attracted nearly 10,000 subscribers, and I continue to author it today. It provides an analysis of one of the most interesting clean energy stories of the week, plus a roundup of the biggest news. My voice always finds a way into the top portion, and I’m always looking to elicit audience feedback and responses with questions based on the news.

Here are a few of my favorite editions:

How my EV survived the cold

These states ❤️ heat pumps

Mac & cheese gets a decarbonized makeover

Will hybrids’ allure sidetrack automakers?

The below-the-radar officials behind your electricity rates

U.S. Energy News

Every morning, 5 days a week, I compile this digest of the last 24 hours of energy news. I author items covering federal policy and national news, and curate the most important items from four regional digests.