SpeedReads and Captured pieces for TheWeek.com

SpeedReads and Captured pieces for TheWeek.com

During my internship and continued freelance work with TheWeek.com, I've written photo stories on a migrant worker and a bike ride across the U.S. and SpeedReads on breaking news, such as Salma Hayek's op-ed on Harvey Weinstein. My coverage was the top post on Reddit for hours, gathering more than 400,000 views.

Inauguration Day protests hit NYC

Inauguration Day Protests Hit NYC

I spent the spring of my junior year interning and living in New York City. That gave me the opportunity to team up with a photographer and videographer to cover to cover NYC protests on President Trump's Inauguration Day and the Women's March that came after it. This story placed in the Hearst Journalism Awards for Breaking News Coverage.

Santa Claus poses with a smile

Santa's coming to town — and he's wearing a leather jacket

John Wheeler balances a full-time job at a Pepsi plant with playing Santa for children in need and running a motorcycle gear shop. Oer the years, there's been one person who's motivated him to keep his Christmas spirit alive.

Man serves up freshly coated doughnuts

Cider doughnuts are hallmark of farmers market mornings

Customers will wait in a long, winding line just to get their hands on an apple cider donut from Regional Donut Authority. Now, it's a full-time shop serving up colorful and creative flavors.

Local pinball fans try to beat their high score

Pinball is making a comeback in Syracuse

Ryan Zlomek has been obsessed with pinball machines since the age of 8. Today, he's sparking the return of the classic game, working with Salt City Pinball League to organize pinball competitions and tournaments around Central New York.

A look over the New York State Fair's midway

State Fair celebrates history with $50 million improvements

The Great New York State Fair has a rich 175-year history. And 2016's improvements implemented by Gov. Andrew Cuomo will ensure that history continues to grow.

Feminist architect Lori Brown

Professor leads the way for women in architecture

Lori Brown, an associate professor at SU, decided she couldn't ignore the gender inequalities in architecture anymore. So she co-founded the women’s architecture group Architexx and is a persistent force of feminism on SU's campus and beyond.

Joel Stanley meets with the Kelly family

Medical marijuana is legalized, but it's not helping patients

Even though NY's Compassionate Care Act legalized medical marijuana, some families still aren't seeing its benefits. In my first internship after my freshman year of college, I got to meet a family who was missing out on medical marijuana.

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