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I'm a writer, designer, strategist, and frequent acrylic painter living in New York City. I'm working at TheWeek.com after graduating from Syracuse University with dual major in magazine journalism and information management and technology, and am pursuing a career in digital editing, strategy and analytics to reshape important storytelling and make sure it's seen.

I got my start in journalism at The Daily Orange, SU's independent student newspaper. The people I work with have turned into some of my best friends, especially after they figure out that my sense of humor is drier than California. I try to inject my sense of humor into the SpeedReads I write for TheWeek.com and the tweets I share @KathrynKrawczyk.

The Daily Orange staff
Kathryn riding a horse

I'm that weird horse girl your parents warned you not to hang out with — and horses are still something I never get sick of. While I'm a bit deprived here in Brooklyn, I was the co-captain of SU's equestrian team and keep longing for a way to get back into it. That equine love inspired my capstone project Horsey, a news source for high school equestrians. I love learning from everything I do. Curiosity drives me to keep working in journalism, design and strategy, and I'm always working to find new ways to share it with the world. But at the end of the day, I'd give it all up to be a Jeopardy champion.